Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Woohoo 28 days past the new year happy belated 2008! lolness end of january edi. haha hostel just recently (less than days days ago) allowed WiFi. Well its long over due but still signal is only available at office, somemore the WiFi here was password protected for years, what are they doing man..
Thus, I will be moving out next semester woohoo! And I will free ..muahahaha lol. Will post some pix on new house soon
Anyway been going out very often lately, Monday south city ate tau fu fa with muaci, Tuesday the mines got a hat and other stuff to be cool haha, Wednesday Jusco Balakong sing k den Saturday go home lol, playing real hard, studying real hard too, (usually back at hostel at 1800 after dinner and shower its 1900 after condition zero and starcraft its 2130 study till 0200 den sleep)
I have strength to go about my day with 4 hours of sleep, thanks to half boil eggs in the morning for breakfast and thank God for great genes muahahaha..
Here are some stuff I ate lol
seafood noodle at one noodle ss2

Pork shop rice and Chocolate milkshake at Food & Tea
Curry mee at ss2
Finally kopi 0 at Taman Megah coffeeshop Restauran Good Luck