Monday, 11 February 2008

Happy CNY

Heya first off lets drink a cup of coffee.

Now I greet all Happy Chinese New Year to all, happy holidays to those who are having holidays / Happy Angpau collecting. Elections coming up too, here in Malaysia, posters are being put up already. Here in Malaysia its a democratic parliamentary election. Thus we don't put up posters of monkeys like Mr Bush up a few years back in the US but decent symbols/characters etc in the streets.
Ah yes! Its Valentine's Day coming up, I feel very much pressured, what should I get my significant other, My darling, My loving companion? Should I give her a flower? Its nice to hold and smell for the romantic day, only for that romantic day. Should I give her a shopping spree pass? Haha dream on.. I am not even working.. Treat her a fantastic dinner? A holiday?
Need to take some time off, here's a sudoku puzzle from The Star newspaper, I did half way.. I think there's a mistake somewhere...

My lecturer who taught us once showed us paper made from bamboo and a few planks of bamboo to make parquets. Now I'll show you paper made from bamboo

The following are planks of bamboo

So now I'll end the hot and sunny day with a coconut drink; enjoy!