Sunday, 27 April 2008

Holidays - Woohoo

Finished my last paper on 25th, moving out to a house next semester, and I am home, relaxing, yum cha'ing and catching up on sleep, I love sleep and I've missed sleep for so long now, wonder how sleep is doing after all this time, I am sure sleep miss me too!
LOL that was so random..

So first I will rant about food !! Glorious food!!
One a day my fren went to a mamak stall that sell unique roti's such as roti diana, roti micheal jackson, etc
I ordered for roti joan pronouncing 'joan' as 'joanne' lol lucky my fren correct me.
My fren more funny, insisting that he order roti wawasan 2020, but however the stall only serve either roti 2002 or roti 2004.

The above is roti 'I love you' my fren bought for his darling.. so sweet!
its basically a roti pisang plus the wordings and chili sauce arrow, wow mamak stalls now days so creative luu.
That above is a herbal jelly, its called gui ling gou, its mixture of beneficial(duh!)(1) herbs made into jelly! It tastes good with honey, its slightly bitter by its own, and its exorbitant.. rm9 for a bowl as in the picture.
Different gui ling gou companies has its own mixture of herbs so the taste and effects may differ.

So back to 'college' aka hostel, the following is what I felt:
On Friday 25th April I woke up from the last night I may sleep in the hostel, its 7.45am
Its feeling a bit nostalgic already.. dang! so fast that feeling struck me. So fast it had been 1 year that I've spent living in this building, brings back bittersweet memories, from the day I went into UPM, moving into the first room, trying to live with 5 other people from different parts of the country in the first semester, watching movies together, celebrating the birthday of the son of a fren in the nearby room; then moving into the another room, to live with 3 others in the second semester, one being two years my senior, one being a staunch buddhist, the other(myself) a christian, and the other one that swears from morning till night..
And on the morning of Sunday, today, I packed all my stuff, and left the hostel.
Its the end of my stay in hostel and I'll be living out next semester, for freedom, for internet connection, to live with gals woohoo!

(1) promotes longivity, energizes one's body, improves sleep, improves concentration, increase body immunity etc as what they say.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Gunung Jerai! - Part 3

Woohoo! its Sunday morning and we're up climbing Gunung Jerai again, that day's plot was done at about the same altitude as the forestry museum around 900m above sea level. vans took us up the mountain like the day before but what different today is the vans dropped us directly at the museum! yay! But we stil have to walk :( but less walking compared to the day before =) There is a trail adjacent to the museum that leads to a recreational park, and just beyond that park is our plot site! Thats how we got there!

At the plot site, we found mushrooms at the ground, moss on rocks and hard surfaces, fungi on tree barks. The wet environment of the forest made it suitable for those types of moss and fungi to grow.
When all is done, we all gathered at the recreational park, as the park is located up on a rocky slope, we get an awesome, panoramic view of what is at the bottom. I saw the flat lands of Kedah, I saw acres after acres of rice fields and I then I clearly know why, Kedah is called 'The Rice Bowl of Malaysia'. And far away into the horizon, towards my left, I saw the Straits of Malacca. We were facing North.

Oh me God! The slope, so.. so.. the steep! One wrong step and bye bye, lol
After having lunch at the park, we went into the museum, the Forestry Museum, bellow is how it looks from the outside.
Structures of the bamboo plant on display
Insects, found in the Malaysian Forest on display
Besides having bamboo and insects for display, the museum displays posters on information of some of Malaysian dipterocarps and other unique trees found in Malaysia, that include Chengal, Merbau, Keruing and many more. However I have only saw a small section of the museum(tree rows of display), the rest of the museum is still under renovation...

And so, we walked out of the museum, waited for the vans to fetch us back to base. Then, as if a white cloud gracefully fell on us, the road became misty. My friends and I being excited tried to catch them, lol

The van came and took us back to base, then my friend and I ate 'ice kacang', after we bid farewell and left Gunung Jerai at 3pm.
This picture is taken as the bus passed the Perak river.
Reached UPM at midnight, that cocluded my Gunung Jerai trip!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Gunung Jerai! - Part 2

At 8.30am that very Saturday morning, we started the ascend up Gunung Jerai.While climbing the mountain, we saw some breath-taking panoramic view, a truly unforgettable experience. This picture is taken only half way up the mountain, imagine how nice it would be up at the peak..

Alas, we (my group) reached the plot site. Nope the plot site does not include the road. And yes it is full of shrubs, trees, vines, and leeches! Being professional foresters, we collected all needed data efficiently and effectively =)

So tada its a picture taken at the first plot site. Woohoo a peacher plant! I am so excited, lol

Completed the study at 1pm, now we walked up the peak. On the way, saw someone collecting jewel orchid plants. It is said that jewel orchids can improve sex.
So after syoik sendiri at the peak, we declared we have climb to the top of Gunung Jerai. Satisfied, we went downhill, on the way down we had lunch. Right after lunch, a truck carrying bitumen came and offered to take us down. We accepted the offer and load up the back of the truck, went down the mountain. I can't seem to forget the warm bitumen we were standing on the back of the truck. Luckily the bitumen is not warm enough to melt our rubber shoes!

At mid hill, we had time to relax. Just then a friend got attacked by a leech! lol After sprinkling medicated oil on it, it detached itself from the leg, then twist and twirl in irritation, and met a horrible end. eww..

This is taken at mid hill, and thats my lecturer Dr. Nazre.
After a short wait at mid hill, vans came and take us down, all 86 students and a few demonstrators plus a lecturer down the mountain back to base.
its a 20 minutes trip down to base, hungry and exhausted, we went into the bus and slept awhile.
At 4.30pm we decided to leave the base to find dinner to dapau or to take away. Feeling hungry, suddenly we felt so happy, Yes, we thought we found a place to eat at a nearby town, a malay noodle shop. Initially we were all elated. The shop owner was happily JUAD thinking he'll be doing the business of 90plus people. Then all were disappointed, his shop only served soup, noticably the mee rebus(a soup mee), but no mee goreng (fried mee). Geeesh, thus, the bus driver himself decided that we will dapau dinner further up in the town. After dapauing we went to the Dorms in the Forestry Department of Kedah to spend the night.
Bellow is a lake adjacent the dorms in the Forestry Department of Kedah

To be continued...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gunung Jerai! - Part 1

Yup I am back, from Mount Jerai
All of us being exited and sleepy at the same time load up a bus and left upm right after mid night on Saturday. Dreaming half way thru, I was awaken when the bus stopped at Tapah as some people went to the loo. So I went down and took some pix at the place where the truck drivers parked their vehicles lol Then some friends decided to play around =)

Left the stop a few minutes after 3.10am after the bus driver made sure all of us took a pee! Its a 30 minutes break, if there is another break like this we all would not reach Gunung Jerai in time, lol. Thus, All of us are litterally put to sleep until we reached the destination, Gunung Jerai, my God(1). Once we reached there, the target place, the destination! We were all refreshed from the deep sleep in the bus (except for the bus driver) Its 7.15 am, Its morning already! We are JUAD(2) in celebration. We have finally reached Gunung Jerai safely, in whole, nothing left behind, lol, somemore we brought an empty stomach!

Nice view, a beautiful sunrise, a tranquil landscape, a picture of peace and quiet. Dang! Its taken from inside the bus! I was just awoke at the time. Didn't want to miss the chance! But too lazy to get up at the same time? lol Maybe I'll work on the picture with photoshop? If its nice maybe print it out? Frame it up? Ah bellow is a chicken! lol as a city boy seeing a chicken is like wow cool.. wad is dis? alien ka? lol all I see at home is a lizard, ants, dogs... thats all lol

To be continued... stay tuned

(1) We were so sleepy we put ourselves to sleep
(2)JUAD = Jumping Up And Down